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Tokyo Review is a collaboration between academics, journalists, and researchers working on issues related to Japanese politics, economics and, society. The site’s mission is to provide in-depth and insightful analysis of Japanese current affairs, political and economic events, and cultural trends – offering a range of voices from across the political spectrum, and avoiding tired clichés about “inscrutable” or “wacky” Japan. Tokyo Review takes no editorial position and the site’s contributors disagree on many things but find common ground in the belief that Japanese current affairs is deserving of serious, considered, and well-researched English-language coverage and analysis.

To find out more about the site’s mission and background, read our launch-day introduction: Well, Here We Are.

All views expressed are solely those of the individual author; they do not reflect the views of Tokyo Review or of any institution or company affiliated with the author.

If you’re interested in writing for the site, please read our submission guidelines. We especially welcome contributions from young scholars and early-career academics and researchers.

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